The handy paradise

I never imagined I could go “so far”, yet my first trip and my first dives out of Egypt and the Red Sea were right in the far Indian Ocean when I decided to accompany a friend on a trip to Krabi, In Thailand. Still bewitched by air travel, albeit along, connecting in Doha, with the Quatar Airways, we arrived at the Bamboo Sunset Resort, a really cozy B&B managed by a friendly Italian Muay Thai Instructor[...]

Morning Walks

Every morning i start my day with happy little faces looking for cuddles. They’re out there waiting for me and Lucy for a walk. They’re many, all beautiful and all loving. They’re my Egyptian friends in four legs. Their race is probably the Canaan Dog, the local breed of Palestine from Israeli origin. Is an ancient dog, whose origins we have no certain information. Experts claim that to its formation it’s evident that more breeds have contributed, from the Shepherd lupoid to Collie. During the two world wars, the Canaan dog was used as a relay race: with excellent results was carrying messages and orders. It has also been used in the research of the wounded.

Cairo Lights

I never strongly desired to go to Cairo, I’ve never had this curiosity .. but now I know what I was missing !! Wonder among the lights! No one can expect luxury and “cleaning” of the great urban cities, instead you can try to take it as an adventure, almost in another era, especially when visiting the downtown, and the oldest part .. The feeling is a bit that like being in an Indiana Jones movie riding a horse in the dust and sand, with the camera in your hand instead of the whip, searching for mysteries. Few foreign tourists unfortunately.

Heading South

Reached by car along the long road under the sun, admired from the boat traveling from the port of Travco, dived in its waters, from Marsa Gozlani to The white Island, Ras Mohamed marine park offers always a lovely and exciting spectacle. From Sharm will point you towards the South, towards the southern end of the Sinai Peninsula, between its rocks resulting from coral formations, volcanic and granite. The scenic solitude of the places, the colors of the sea, stretches of fine sand, the pink rocks and the mangrove forest instill a sense of deep peace and spirituality.

The pink Island

I admired Tiran in all its splendor: I came from the sea, I have placed the fins gently to a rock and, barefoot, I pressed its sand, I scrolled through my fingers, I lay down on it lightly. For some time now this is no longer possible and my shots, taken a day with spontaneity, respect and admiration for the beauty of its nature, have now an immense value to me. Tiran today seems to me a place where I was exiled.

A “Sharm” wedding

The wedding between Hannah, blonde Scottish, and Ashraf, brown Egyptian, is celebrated at the Reef Beach in a warm and calm afternoon of October, in front of the Red Sea and the pink Tiran Island. But to Hannah and Ashraf is not enough to have the sea in front of their eyes. The sea is the passion they share and in its waters, rich with life, energy and colors, relive their promise of love in an intimate and suggestive ceremony.